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Fire Suppression Systems

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We can walk you through the complex world of fire suppression regulations. With an in-house fire protection consultant and design engineer, we can help you develop a strategy that minimizes cost and meets local and state safety requirements.

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With a NICET level IV designer on staff, we can help with all your design needs in the most time and cost efficient manner possible. While other companies take weeks to develop a fire sprinkler design for your building, we achieve the same result in days, saving you time and money.

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Having been in business for more than 35 years, WFP has seen it all. Whether your project be a small Airbnb in the upper level of your house, or a multi-million dollar fertilizer plant, big-box store, church, school, or marijuana grow facility, WFP has you covered with experience and attention to detail. With skilled union labor and experienced project managers, WFP has your back. Check out our project gallery.

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WFP has staff on call 24/7, 365 days a year, who are ready to assist you in your time of need. Whether it be a random leak or a frozen pipe during harsh Michigan winters, we can be on site to assist you at any time.

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We can have a member of our team on site to investigate any issues that have come up, and to let you know what updates to your system are necessary to keep your building up to code. We provide quotes in a timely fashion, and have experienced professional sprinkler fitters ready to assist you with the work.

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With more than three decades of experience in sprinkler inspections, we can handle annual, semi-annual, and quarterly sprinkler inspections depending on your needs. We also perform pump inspections and any other inspections that your building might require.

Sales, Service and Testing

Fire Extinguishers

With trained staff specializing in extinguishers, we can help determine location, type, and quantity of extinguishers necessary to ensure your building complies with NFPA 10. We ensure that your insurance company, corporate policy, and general liability aren’t a concern.

There are many rules and regulations to be aware of when it comes to fire extiguishers. There are location specifications, ADA compliance rules, size and UL ratings depending on your space, and more. We are here to help you get the right one for your room or building.

There are also many types of extinguishing agents including dry chemical, foam, water, halons, wet chemicals, powder and more.

We want you to be as safe and prepared as possible.

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WFP has a diverse stock of fire extinguishers at our offices in Frankenmuth. Any speciality extinguishers that we don’t carry in stock can typically be acquired within a day or two from our local supply house. We also provide parts, location signs, and other extinguisher accessories. Residential, commercial sales, and walk-ins welcome!

Annual Inspection

With our dedicated extinguisher staff and service vans, we perform maintenance on all fire extinguishers. With our exchange program, our specialists can exchange any extinguisher that requires service with a fully serviced extinguisher, leaving the maintenance work to be done off site. This allows our staff to spend less time on site, causing as little disturbance to the daily work flow as possible.

6 Year Breakdown

Most extinguishers require a complete breakdown and recharge every six years. WFP performs this task in house, with little impact on the daily workflow of your business or home.

12 Year Hydorstatic Testing

Most extinguishers require a complete teardown every twelve years, which includes hydrostatic testing. WFP is fully capable of performing this task and will ensure your extinguishers are in premium condition.

Some of our

Completed Projects


Kitchen Hood Inspection

Kitchen Hood Fire Suppression systems are the front-line defense to protect your commercial kitchen. Winninger Fire Protection has trained staff certified in the service and maintenance per the NFPA standards and UL Listings of all major brands of kitchen hood fire suppression systems manufactured by Amerex, Ansul, Kidde, Range Guard, Pyro Chem, Protex and Buckeye.

Bi-Annual Inspection

According to fire code per regulations in NFPA 96, Kitchen Hood Fire Suppression Systems must be inspected and serviced every 6 months. During this inspection we will replace all the fusible links, inspect nozzles, ensure proper appliance coverage, test detection line, test the manual pull station and ensure NFPA 96 and UL 300 compliance.



Commercial Backflow Testing

Every business has a backflow device. They are required to be inspected every year to ensure proper function. A backflow device prevents the flow of water from your building’s pipes, toilets and/or swimming pool back into the supplier’s system if the supplier has a drop in water pressure. There is the potential of a drop in water pressure if the municipality needs to fight a fire or if a water main breaks. The prevention of backflow is important to the supplier because it blocks a business’ potentially contaminated water from flowing back into the supplier’s system. Winninger Fire Protection can confirm these devices are working properly, thus maintaining the integrity of your local water supply.


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About Us

Founded in Frankenmuth in 1988, Winninger Fire Protection has grown

In 1988, as a journeyman sprinkler fitter and plumber, Hal Wininger applied for his Michigan Mechanical Contractor’s License to start Wininger Fire Protection, Inc. From his barn in Frankenmuth, MI he came armed with a Construction Management degree from Ferris State University and 16 years of skilled trade knowledge. He slowly grew the company but quickly gained a reputation for dependable, efficient, quality installations of fire protection systems. Early projects included the world famous Bronner’s Christmas Wonderland and Bavarian Inn in Frankenmuth and the University of Toledo Museum of Art. The sphere of construction now stretches from military barracks and industrial buildings to churches and nursing homes.

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Proud of his Frankenmuth (Michigan’s Little Bavaria) background, Hal decided to change the spelling of his company’s name to Winninger Fire Protection, to reflect the town and his German roots. For more than 30 years, the company has remained a family owned and operated enterprise. Hal continues to oversee much of the design and installation. His son Wes, lured from his pharmacist career, has joined the company by directing estimating, purchasing and project management.

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